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Unlimited exchanges means that when you return your borrowed items to the Library, you can borrow an unlimited amount of clothes. The only limit is how many clothes you can take home at one time, based on your Clothing Credits.

You use Credits to borrow items from the Clothes Library. Your Subscription gives you 6 revolving Credits, plus you can get up to 6 Bonus Credits when you donate your clothes to the Library.

Every item of clothing in Lost Property has a credit value.  Tops and shorts might be worth 1 Credit, Jeans might be worth 2 Credits, Dresses can range from 2-4 Credits, and top-shelf Jackets and Shoes could be worth up to 6 Credits.  Subscribing Members can borrow up to a maximum of 12 Credits at once.

When you return your borrowed items, you will get your revolving Credits back so you can borrow even more clothes!

Please return borrowed items to the Clothes Library within 1 month of borrowing, or if your Subscription ends.

You’ll need to clean and dry your borrowed clothes, following any garment care instructions.

Oops! Clothing stains and accidents happen, so don’t stress! You will not be charged for damaged items if you return them to the Library.

Our volunteers may be able to repair or upcycle damaged items.  Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

We offer complimentary Library Subscriptions to our volunteers who help run Lost Property.  We also offer Bonus Credits to Subscribing Members when they donate their clothes to the Library.

Subscriptions help Lost Property pay for rent and operating costs.  We can offer super-affordable subscriptions because we have volunteers that help run the Library, and members like you donate their clothes!  Lost Property is a non-profit incorporated association.

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