Clothing Library Subscriptions

These are the conditions of borrowing items from the Clothes Library:

  1. You must have completed your Membership Profile, which provides us your current contact details.
  2. You must have an active Subscription, which you can purchase online or in store.
  3. You may borrow items with your available credits.

1, 2 and 3 Month Subscriptions have an expiry date, where as Monthly Subscriptions are recurring each month until cancelled. at which time the member must return all borrowed items to the Library in good condition

Shop Hours

Subscribing members should note our shop opening hours, which is the only time that items can borrowed and returned to the Library.

Borrow Time

Subscribing Members may borrow items from the Library for up to 1 month, as long as their subscription is active.  All borrowed items must be washed, dried and returned before your subscription ends.

Returning Items

Borrowed items from the Library must washed and dried before being returned to the Library. Garment care instructions must be followed when being washed.

Revolving credits come back to you once your borrowed items are returned and processed by a Library staff member.  For this reason it’s important to return your borrowed items over the counter during shop hours.  Dumping your returned items without a staff member present makes you responsible for any missing items.


A “hoarder” is someone who doesn’t return their borrowed items to the Library within 1 month of borrowing.  If you’re a hoarder, then you won’t be permitted to borrow any more items from the Library, until all the late items are returned.   Items may also be considered stolen, and you will be charged for replacement value! Please share the love, and share our wardrobe so we can all experience more beautiful fashion!

Damaged Items

We understand clothes are for living, working and playing in. Sometimes clothes break or get damaged, and that’s okay!

If your borrowed items become damaged while in your care, they must still be returned to the Library to be assessed for repair or replacement.  Members will not be charged for damages, but cash and clothes donations to our non-profit Library are always appreciated. Items that are not returned are considered “lost” and will cost the member a lost fee (read more below).

Library management reserves the right to cancel a member’s subscription based on how they treat borrowed items from the Library.


Anyone may donate clothes, shoes, jewelry and any kind of fashion to the Library.  Donations will be assessed for suitability and graded for use in the Library.  Items that are deemed not suitable for the Library may be donated to an approved charity, recycled or up-cycled into other fashion or useful items. Items in the Library that are not borrowed for a period of time may also be moved on to clothing heaven.

Clothing Credits

As a Subscribing Member, you can borrow clothing items from the Library using your revolving credits.  Subscribing Members can borrow up to 6 credits worth of clothing items at any time.  Credits are refunded once the items are returned in good nick.

Bonus Clothing Credits

Bonus clothing credits may be given to Subscribing Members if they donate clothes to the Library.  A maximum of 6 bonus credits will be given to a member at any one time, in addition to their 6 standard credits.  Donations must be checked and approved by a Library staff member to be awarded bonus credits.

Bonus credits remain available to the Subscribing Member has long as they keep an active subscription.  If a subscription expires and is not renewed, then any bonus credits are forfeited. Bonus credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

All payments for Membership Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

When your Subscription Ends

When your Library Membership Subscription ends, you will need to renew your subscription to continue borrowing clothes.  You must renew your subscription before it expires, to continue borrowed items in your possession.  All borrowed items must be washed, dried and returned to the Library before the end of your subscription.

Late returns will need to pay for a new month of subscription.

Lost Items

If you lose your borrowed items from the Library, then you bought it.  Items are valued by their clothing credits, at $30 per credit. For example, losing an item worth 2 credits will cost you $60.  Paying lost fees helps our non-profit Library acquire more clothes for members to borrow.

Library management reserves the right to cancel a member’s subscription based one or more “lost items”.

Refund Policy

All payments are non refundable and non-transferable.  We can not guarantee that we have your size or style of clothing available when you need it, so come and browse our wardrobe to get a feel for what items are available to borrow from the Library.

To cancel your Monthly Subscription, login to your account online, or visit Lost Property during open hours. Unused subscription is non refundable.