3 Month Subscription

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Save with a prepaid 3 Month Subscription



Save with a 3 Month Subscription for only $90 Prepaid – SAVE $27!

You get full access to the Clothes Library wardrobe, with 6 revolving credits for UNLIMITED exchanges! Borrow items for up to 1 month at a time, and then return them in good nick to get your credits back.

Our wardobe is your wardrobe

  • Subscribers get full access to our Clothes Library
  • Unlimited exchanges using your 6 revolving credits
  • Get up to 6 bonus credits when you donate clothes
  • Free entry to our member events!

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3 months


Full access to our Clothes Library wardrobe

Clothing Credits

You get 6 revolving credits for unlimited clothing exchanges!


Borrow clothes for up to 1 month at a time


FREE entry to Lost Property fashion events!


Discounted entry to every Lost Property workshop