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The Lost Property clothes library has been temporarily closed due to winter storms and weather that damaged our Beach Street warehouse last week.

The old building roofing and gutters couldn’t contain the flash flood, and unfortunately a portion of the library stock has been damaged.

Our Lost Property team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes relocating clothes, and washing and drying the stock that can be saved from the dampness.  The building itself was earmarked for redevelopment in the future, and therefore expensive roof repairs looks unlikely.

We’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to St Pats Community Support Centre for the use of our first library warehouse at Beach Street.  While the space can no longer hold it’s liquids, it helped us seed the clothes library and get us off to a brilliant start.

So what’s next for Lost Property? For now we’re still washing and drying clothes from the library between several domestic laundries, and doing a stock-take of everything.  We have a lot of beautiful fashion that was jam-packed into a small space!  We’re also looking at future options for the clothes library around the Fremantle area.

For our Lost Property members who enjoy using the clothes library on a weekly basis, please get in contact about your subscription membership.  We can pause your subscription while our doors are closed, or work out an arrangement that suits you.

Lost Property events like the Beach Street Yard Sale, Sew No Evil up-cycling workshops,  and Freo Clothes Swap are also temporarily paused while we are arranging a new home.  Please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates on events.

Thankyou to our volunteers who have continued to help us through the storms, you’ve all been amazing.  If you would like to help Lost Property but don’t know how, please make sure you follow us closely on Facebook for updates on our plans, and fundraising events that need your support.

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womens fashion

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